Beyond the Opening


I’ve been itching to paint after all the attention on the show. I was able to paint on a property with an amazing view at the top of Sonoma Mountain. The sketch I did quickly, plein air. It cried to be done in a wider format. I’m tackling a slight change of course by leaving more portions of the work unresolved but hopefully interesting through color or marks, shapes or simply the contrast with the more distinct parts of the piece.

I also wanted to add a touch of conceptualism to the studio painting by indicating a change in season, turning the lush green to dry, golden brown. We have had a wet spring and the grasses are still juicy, in fact it’s been drizzling all day. But green turns golden in a week, given the right conditions. It’s the soft browns with dark green round oak shapes that defines the California landscape for me. This painting seems to be one of anticipation.

Wow! Such a fabulous turn-out at the opening of my Spring Painting Show at Bump Cellars. I was overwhelmed. And to have sold so many on top of the praise. Such a boost to my confidence, I am most grateful to you all. Thank you!


12 responses to “Beyond the Opening

  1. Your paintings always make me homesick, but that is because you capture California so well! I’m so pleased about your successful show! Congratulations!

    • Oh thank you Beth! Wouldn’t I just love to have you here for a month of driving around the backroads.
      Thanks for the praise and I hope you can come, get a fix.

  2. So sorry I missed the opening, still climbing back on this horse known as a “schedule” and a life. “Here, Andrew, go this way now”—that’s what I need! Like a kindly kindergarten teacher pointing the way! 🙂

    Love that Sonoma Mountain shot, feels like I have beheld that scene a thousand times and would happily do so a thousand more. And the insight about the green-shazam-to-brown is rather painfully true, given the dizzy heights to which that intense March and early April greenery can take one. This year especially, with the earth’s drinking up all the rain, the greens on the hillsides have been explosive, almost hurting the eyes. Yet there is the brown, just waiting to pounce…noooooo! Me, I’m happy for today’s reprieve. Happier still when I can see your show—can you kindly point me in the right direction???

    • “Here Andrew, go to Sonoma!” Bump Cellars is just south of the plaza on Broadway, the first business, on the right. Hours are tasting room-esque…Thurs.-Mon. noon-6. The Sonoma Valley Museum is just a couple doors down and the new Dehli Belly Indian restaurant right across the street. Sounds like a plan to me, young sir.
      Love your California hill transition descriptive. Do call if you head over here. Would love to see you, maybe a bite, show you the farm.

  3. Bravo! It looks beautiful!

  4. Your work is beautiful

  5. Carol Caldwell-Ewart

    Had such a wonderful time at the opening! Thanks so much! I’ll be out of the country until May 10. Let me know when I can pick up the painting and we can lunch.



  6. Karen Schubert

    So excited your show went well. I always enjoy your paintings.

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