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This and That

I’m getting happy with this handsome fellow, finally. His muzzle’s a little off still, but the values are working for me. Check out where I last left him.




Today, while I wait to put the final touches on the mule, I worked with gouache, asking myself “why” every stroke of the way. The attraction has to do with simplification of shapes and choosing color and value that makes those shapes “read”. Not sure these work too well. I’m trying to have it look like the clouds are casting shadows on the mountain outside my kitchen window. Success or not, it’s a nice way to spend the afternoon.




Lots of redrawing today, something I should have done right off the bat, but I like the idea of showing how a painting evolves as part of the finished piece. I rarely manage to keep the process showing, but it is a goal. At first I have trouble seeing the changes in these images… look at the far ear, and the neck and mane. Much more to do. I’m stressing over trying to imagine the nostril and mouth. The photo I am working from cuts off the bottom portion of his head so I’m making it up from other images and my life-knowledge which I need to learn to trust more.


I started this Thursday afternoon. Today I got to it again. Sometimes it seems I’m completely lost… have no way out. But I just keep pushing the paint around. 

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Looking forward to getting back to this mule. Maybe tomorrow?