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Playing with Pears

My studio is really coming together. I spend less time looking for things and more time working. It’s great to have this available.

Today I worked with gouache on a sanded pastel paper. I used chalk over the top of the painting. Thank you to Janet who brought us a bucket of these beautiful Barletts at the Farm Stand on Saturday. Such beautiful shapes and colors. Hope I have a little time tomorrow too.

This bowlful of pears was so beautiful, I took a photo. Thank goodness I did as they are all turning ripe at the same time, so most are in the refrigerator now.

My studio now has a shelf for still lifes with excellent lighting. What a difference it makes!


Beautiful Lauren

I didn’t do this beautiful model justice. But I did have fun with it. I do like color, don’t I?

Pastel figure

Yesterday, I painted all day and drew into the night. What a great day! Last night I used pastels on the Colorfix paper (which I’m loving). I worked on a painting (below) that I “finished” in 2008, but just didn’t seem right. I’m determined to fix it. You’ll see… maybe tomorrow.

Figure Class

Kind of a strange class last night, but I did some fun work anyway. I may even spring to frame these. I used pastel on a wonderful paper called Colourfix paper. It’s slightly sanded so the tooth holds the colorful pastels beautifully. AND you can use a wet brush to create a wash. Love the stuff. Comes in lots of colors too. No this is not an ad. 😉