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Right now I seem to be unable to work on my art, at home. Something about too much to do here, being easily distracted… So I have been attending a weekly class with a wonderful teacher, Sandra Speidel which has reinvigorated my plein aire work. The class comments and enthusiasm is contagious and encouraging. Today we worked at a small park overlooking Petaluma.IMG_4685_1_1 Fall is in full swing.

Mondays I have been going to an open figure drawing class at our local Community Center. During the last couple weeks, I brought illustration board and gouache, some colors mixed up already, to force myself to just deal with shapes and value. Lots of fun!

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Field Work

I started this painting one blustery day more than a week ago with my friend Melinda. There was lots of farm activity (seeding, pulling row covers over beds, and tying the hoops) but I choose just a simple view of the field with the stripes of white row covers, blowing and billowing.IMG_2904_1_1

But when I addressed this again, I decided to put a figure into the field and minimize the white stripes. I may try more figures…

IMG_3059_1_1_1This one is 12″ x 16″, oil on board, $300.

Beautiful Lauren

I didn’t do this beautiful model justice. But I did have fun with it. I do like color, don’t I?

Pastel figure

Yesterday, I painted all day and drew into the night. What a great day! Last night I used pastels on the Colorfix paper (which I’m loving). I worked on a painting (below) that I “finished” in 2008, but just didn’t seem right. I’m determined to fix it. You’ll see… maybe tomorrow.

Figure Class

Kind of a strange class last night, but I did some fun work anyway. I may even spring to frame these. I used pastel on a wonderful paper called Colourfix paper. It’s slightly sanded so the tooth holds the colorful pastels beautifully. AND you can use a wet brush to create a wash. Love the stuff. Comes in lots of colors too. No this is not an ad. 😉

Green Hair

Last night at our figure drawing open studio at the Sonoma Community Center, the model held the same pose for most of the evening, about an hour and a half. I brought my oils and went to work with thoughts of my Keith Wicks class and 100 Faces to direct me a bit. I worked on it this afternoon again and I am pleased with the result, certainly like it better than the last time I tried: https://candieded.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/long-pose/

Time to Paint

I had the whole day! What a treat, not only to have the time, but also to have it happen here, at home. I don’t have to move everything out of the kitchen when I’m finished.

This portrait is working out OK. I’m certainly absorbed. It doesn’t look like the model much anymore. But there are areas I really like. I don’t remember the last time I painted a face, in school in the 70s? She’s a bit splotchy but not too bad. I won’t be so nervous about a portrait the next time.