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I worked on these poppies, inspired by several flower painters at the Huff Harrington Gallery; Nancy Franke, Liz Barber and Andree Thobaty. I am rather happy with this one so far. I’ll have to live with it for a few days to know if I should do anything else.

As I finished off of this dog portrait, I remembered why I don’t like to do portraits. Too fussy. The dog, by the way, has had an updated diagnosis and does not have cancer. Thank god.


Inspired by Roudneff and Poortvliet

These tulips are weak and need more darks. I am inspired by George Roudneff so I will keep fussing. Maybe the tulips need to be as dark as the leaves. I’ll try that. Though, I want to try to consolodate the darks and the flowers run diagonally across the top 1/3 of the picture. Can I connect them without losing their flowerness?

Our tai chi teacher’s wonderful dog Ti, 1/2 rotweiller, 1/2 ridgeback has a cancer diagnosis. I have always admired his muscular build and happy-go-lucky goofiness. I hope he’ll be OK. This painting was inspired by the great animal painter, Rien Poortvliet. His book The Farm Book, was my very favorite to read with Quinten when he was young. The long-hand text is charming and the illustrations are loose, descriptive and are certainly the work of a master draftsman. My painting pales in comparison.