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Little Time

That elusive chunk of time with nothing to do but paint has been rare beyond the wonderful Wednesday class. Three weeks ago we began working with abstraction part of the goal. Each week I would go home with this wet painting, fully intending to work on it at home. But with the hectic days, Wednesday would roll around again and I would take the painting back and start anew with last week’s work as the starting point. It’s nice to start on a very dry painting. So here I am 4 or 5 hours in, and see I’ve lost some of the darks. Not sure when I can work on it again, but I do like parts of this take-off on cabbage…



Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage_1_1red cabbage before lights_1_1I’m very happy with this little painting. The small version at left, was were I started yesterday, and I got busy adding the “lights”. I mixed light blue, wrong; light yellowish green, wrong; light violet, pink? wrong. Over and over I pulled the paint off and tried a new color. Finally settled here, grey-green. The colors in the darks are beautiful jewel violets and greens, tending toward blue.

This painting is done. Oil on board, 9 x 12 inches, $300.

I am trying to have a page of paintings for sale on this site. Seeking help from the web-masters as I seem to have come to an impasse. (The paintings don’t show up!) I’m confident I’ll get it done, and let you know when it’s up.


I’ve decided (thanks for the push, you know who you are) to begin posting prices with my finished paintings. E-mail me if you would like to buy. I’ll be sure to add dimensions and medium.

Oil on board; 9 x 12″; $200

IMG_2813_1_1This next one is stemming from my obsession right now with cabbage. The colors of the leaves in the field as it grows are so subtle and luminous, unusual and fascinating. I stood out in the patch and was utterly overwhelmed and quickly over-faced. (My horse friends will know what I mean.) But I will tackle it again as the challenge is on!


Savoy Cabbage

I started this a few days ago. Today, with the second pass, I wonder what’s happening. Good? Bad? What am I trying to say? Is this the sign? Part of the sign? Is it about color…I love purple and green together.

And after working today, I’m no more sure of myself. But see some parts I like…