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I thought it was going to rain for a while, so I decided to begin a series of small still lives for my up-coming show (In May, my paintings will hang at a local cheese shop, Epicurean Connection. Very exciting. Thank you Sheana.) I started setting things up and then the sun came out.

IMG_3179_4_1 IMG_3174_1_1 IMG_3175_2_1 IMG_3177_3_1

But I carried on and have 4 paintings fairly well along here. I’ve learned a lot and muttered to myself the whole time, anything from solving the world’s political crises to wondering if I’m crazy to call myself a painter. Looking at a few of my favorite still life painters, Carol Marine, Duane Keiser, Quiang Huang, I have a lot to learn.

These are all 6 x 8″ oil on board.