New Direction

I’ve been striving to take my paintings beyond a good likeness of the scene and into something painterly, exciting, full of life. So I seek out those qualities in other painters, and even going so far as copying their work, to help me feel handling paint differently and find out what it takes to create a certain look.

IMG_4882 (1)Last week I painted out at a local spot nearby and found reasonable success but I wanted to use what I learned there and back up, see a longer row of eucalyptus trees, make the subject less about the horse and barn and more about the setting, the place.


This small painting accomplishes my goals, not just to change the composition, but more importantly to add more paint and allow more freedom and life to the picture. I will try it again, bigger, on a board not simply canvas paper. Very happy with this new direction!



10 responses to “New Direction

  1. Connie Parker

    Hi, Candy,
    Lovely to see you at Tues Farmers Mkt. I hope to see your next show, or every once in awhile on Mon evening figure drawing at The Comm Center.
    Cheers! Connie Parker

    • Thank you Connie. It was great to see you too! I do miss the figure class though I just don’t seem to have the juice to get there. Stay creative!

  2. Really nice work Candi. You are well on your way!

  3. I’d say that second one in particular meets your objective of being “full of life.” Those trees bespeak vigor and wildness and force, in contrast to the gentle repose of the horse. Flips the usual sentient creature distinction on its head, which makes for a more challenging and provocative piece. Keep on, Candi!

  4. I agree! My favorite is the second painting with those trees and back hills.

    • Thank you Margaret. The hills and trees is what I was drawn to in the first place! (Well, considering that the horse walked away after 5 minutes. He could have been center stage.) Thanks for the comment.

  5. Love the direction and the clear explanation you give of your goals and how and when you achieve them. Your art is enhanced by the transparency you bring to intention. Brava! Keep it up.

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