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Surprise Pumpkin

I found this beauty in the Farm Stand flower border, tucked in next to the blue corn amid huge lumpy squashes. I was a little worried someone would see it and take it but wanted to let it begin to turn orange before I picked it so it would last longer into the winter. But on Saturday, someone picked it for me.

This is my first attempt at a portrait. I’m sure it’s not the last.


Quick still-lives

A month ago I challenged myself by painting the same subject 6 times, each taking 10 minutes. They were on this board but only two were even close to interesting… so I painted over everything but the two pumpkins on the right side of this board.

I painted the mango etc. in two ways, simultaneously. More like 50 minutes each. Capturing the right color and value quickly is hard for me to do. I need more practice.

To make this a more interesting cohesive painting I would make something much bigger or smaller. Everything’s too much the same.

Part of the Whole

I put up all the pumpkins in a row, evenly spaced along a long (10 feet) wall in our living room. And it so helped me figure out how to finish this one. They look great together. I’ve never done a show with a definite theme like this. It will be interesting to get feedback when they are up for a show in the Red Barn in June.