About …

This blog is going to contain my thoughts about both farming and art. Maybe even thoughts about nutrition, food allergies and cooking. Horses may possibly enter the picture. No promises.

I don’t know if I am just unfocused, or am full of talents but I have so many interests that I could share whatever bright shiny object is in front of my face, day by day.

This may very well, but of interest to no one but me! Oh well.


8 responses to “About …

  1. I just discovered your blog this morning. Looks like we might be neighbors..I’m in Santa Rosa. Found you looking up other gouache artists….i LOVE gouache. Would love to paint with you some morning or afternoon if you were interested. Joanie@ARTfortheSOULofit.com. Blessings, love your work. Has such a fresh quality.

    • Hi Joanie, We are indeed, neighbors. Well, 1/2 hour drive or so. Your art is really fun, full of joy. I love gouache too though I tend to be working in oils right now. My painting time is so sporadic, it’s hard for me to commit to a time. Maybe as things calm down in the winter? So glad to find you.

      • Totally get to the busy thing…and yes, I love gouache and use it mostly with big sloppy bamboo pens full of ink. And my other love is Oils. It’s the acrylic thing that I never quite felt too compatible with….though every so often something calls for that quick drying plastic! LOL.

        I looked up the preserve…and no classes at this time. Will try to keep an eye on that.


  2. I love keping up with you through your work. My goal is to resolve enough disputes to buy one of your painting. My problem is I don’t know if I want a landscape, horse or still life. They are all wonderful! and I love thinking of you painting your days away.

    • Thank you my old friend. I love that you are seeing what I do, at least what is important to me. I would love for you to have a painting. Let me know when something strikes a cord. We’ll make it work…

  3. Hi —
    I love your paintings!! Gary and Laura Ruiz forwarded your website, knowing that I’m a fellow horse lover.
    I particularly liked “Two Butts”, since we have a couple of big grey warmbloods here at our boarding barn.
    Thanks for sharing your paintings on your web site — You have a real talent, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.
    Chris Finlay

    • Thanks to Laura and Gary for the connection and nice to meet you Chris!
      Painting, in my little bubble without the internet would be a little too isolated. The feedback and knowing the world is looking in, is really helpful for my rather fragile little ego.

  4. Please don’t stop writing, Candi. You have so much to say and I will love reading the blog as a way to stay connected to your life on the farm.

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