Spring Painting Show

PosterMy spring show is about the be hung. All the paintings are framed and carefully placed in my car, ready for transport. There are more than 50 paintings, mostly plein air, for sale or previously sold and invited to come back to round out the collection. I’m have a bag of tools, tags, postcards, business cards, wire and rulers, plus two helpers to advise, schlep and support and everything will get organized and displayed, lit and polished. There are details enough to muddle my life, and I’m almost there! Phew!

The show opens Friday at Bump Cellars in Sonoma. The reception is 6-8 pm. The art will hang for the month of April.

The walls in my home are now open. They have been displaying my work as it accumulates. The open walls are teasing me because I know, pretty soon, I can start some new work. And I can’t wait!  Getting a show ready, at least for me, has taken weeks away from the creative side. No wonder I’m muddled!

Please come see the show if you have a chance. It’s my best work to date.


One response to “Spring Painting Show

  1. I wish I could be there, Cand! I know you will find great success, because you are so very talented. Xo Nance

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