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Savoy Cabbage

I started this a few days ago. Today, with the second pass, I wonder what’s happening. Good? Bad? What am I trying to say? Is this the sign? Part of the sign? Is it about color…I love purple and green together.

And after working today, I’m no more sure of myself. But see some parts I like…


New Sign

Last year, I posted many times about painting a sign for our business, Paul’s Produce. I am starting a new sign today. I wanted to do another almost as soon as the first one was done, for many reasons, but now my hand has been forced because of a chainsaw, well, several chainsaws. A row of 60 foot eucalyptus trees, which I so enjoyed painting last year, is gone. So another sign is necessary.

I started drawing landscapes.

Then I picked up a brush with a neutral color and played with shapes.


I must say it’s better in person.

What do you think?

Next, the lettering

I think the painting is mostly done. On to the lettering. What color? What value? Help!