A current painting, almost finished.

I wake up wanting to paint. Everything is lined up. I have no “work” for the day. Materials are here and I even have my subject matter decided. I have the place to myself all day.

Yet I have my routines. I have to clean the catbox and vacuum the house (it’s small, only takes 10 minutes max). I have to have breakfast and clean up. And today there is some laundry and I need to swish some cleanser around the bathroom sink. And plan what to make for dinner. I have my last web-design class tonight, need to leave by 5:15. And I should probably get some exercise, go for my 1 hour walk.

And I am sitting here, listening to Stephanie Miller with one ear, concentrating(?) on my words with the other, and now I realize I need to take a picture of the piece I want to finish today. More distractions.

What is it about those things that get in our way? Sometimes I think I am afraid to paint, afraid I’ll fail? But when I am actually painting, I don’t feel afraid. I am actually quite fearless, easily marking over the entire canvas obliterating even the “good” parts, almost like I am channeling something beyond myself.

I think this one is done.Well, I don’t think I will figure this out today. For now, I want to vacuum, so I can start to paint.This one needs a little more work.


18 responses to “Painting

  1. “I am so glad to see that you are combining your loves…painting, Paul, farming, writing… into this lovely blog.” This is a joyful line to read.

  2. Did you finish this landscape? I love it!
    Someday, I want to own one of your paintings!

  3. Candi, I so relate to what you share here! I see you are up in Sonoma. Are you going to the plein air thing there next week?

    • Hi Carol, Yes I love seeing the Plein Air painters around town and seeing the stunning work that comes out of their efforts. I think they will be painting at our Tuesday night Farmers’ Market also. This weekend there is a similar show in Nicasio for Marin County Open Space, which I hope to get to as well.

  4. Don’t be afraid Candi – I love your landscapes and still life. They are really beautiful. Glad you’re finding your inner artist again! One day we’ll meet again!

  5. Candi, I love the paintings. Each more evocative of the Sonoma county brown hills I love so much. Keep up the great work. Now about the dial up connection; why no high speed internet? Maybe it leaves more time for painting.

    • Thank you Dita. It’s great to have feedback.
      No high-speed because cable doesn’t come quite this far… and satellite is iffy, according to neighbors. We will be moving so fast internet is something to look forward to!

  6. Candy, your paintings have such a calming, lovely softness to them. I love the colors and shading.
    You put into words the fear I feel looking at a blank page.

  7. Dear candy,
    I was so sorry to see you leave at the last class.It made me sad.Idon’t know why it is so difficult to paint,work,keep in touch with friends and carry on with life with real attention.anyway Ihope we can meet up in a field somewhere and move some paint around.

  8. Beautiful writing… and life. It’s good to hear and see your perspective!

  9. Hi Candi: 6:22 a.m. in LA. Jetlagged returning from a trip to Europe for business (and pleasure) and I clicked on your blog and read this post, and it was as though I was in your kitchen with you as you prepared to paint by doing all the little jobs that seem necessary before we sit down to do something pleasurable. Your writing has always drawn me into your world so beautifully. I am so glad to see that you are combining your loves…painting, Paul, farming, writing… into this lovely blog.

  10. Hey- I like the paintings….you should put more up but maybe that pesky dial up connection will get in the way. First serious snow here in the far north- nice.

    • Well, a dial-up connection teaches me patience which is helpful with my painting. And I am much more careful in my selection process than I am on my hard drive! Good paintings demand a good editor so that’s good too.
      But a fast computer will be nice too.

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