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Quick Cards

I know I’ve been away for a while. I have been busy, just not posting. Here are some quick paintings I did yesterday on cards. I used my B&W sketches adding the color with gouache. I will use these to bring resolve to bigger paintings. I like the looseness. Will need to figure out the backgrounds though.


Catch up

I think these guys are finished. I just put in the fence this morning. Without the fence, it was cute but boring, to me.

Fences or suggestions of capture, domestication or even human consumption will be part of this series of Farm Animals. Don’t worry; I won’t show blood or knives. But no cute or pretty portraits either. I want to show the reality of keeping these animals, the mess and physical labor involved and the commitment their humans have to their welfare to hopefully highlight some of the reasons we bother.

This painting is a good way to start this series. Though donkeys are more pets than traditional barnyard beasts, their cunning and quirky personalities are a good lead in to what is still in my imagination.

I have been away, under the weather with a spell of headaches. Glad I am back and bursting with energy today. I’ll try to catch up.


Took my sketchbook and drew animals this morning. I took plenty of photos too. And I’m starting with Chris’ “donks”. They are quite the personalities, curious and strong. I think they enjoyed posing as much as I enjoyed drawing. This will be a fun painting. I want to include the fence and break the space up like a mosaic. That may be part of the Farm Animal theme.

Tomorrow, I’ll start something with the Fowler Creek pigs.