Hello again, Art Lovers!

IMG_4306I’ve been painting with total focus on “improvement” without the distraction of chatting about it. After joining a semester-long night painting class for the past number of months, new supplies and techniques are being tried out and incorporated into my toolbox. I believe my selfish attention has been paying off. This painting came surprisingly quickly, just 2 sessions. And, more importantly, I’m happy with it.

I have also been getting ready for a show in at Bump Cellars in Sonoma during the month of April.

I look forward to posting good paintings much more often! Thanks for your continuing support.


8 responses to “Hello again, Art Lovers!

  1. Ah yes, the notion of the artist’s true retreat from the hurly burly to refocus, refresh and reload! I’m tempted sometimes to try the same thing from the writer’s side, but I think I’m terrified everyone would forget I even existed! 🙂 Lovely piece, Candi! Glad you’re showing & talking about it again.

    • Thanks, as always, Andrew.
      I guess my fears are not motivated by the thought of disappearing. Everybody’s different!
      I do love your blog, Andrew. Always makes me think.

  2. Oh Candi, this is a wonderful one. Tell us all about you show if you will.

    • Thank you for the prompt, Helen (and the compliment). The show will be up for the month of April at Bump Cellars, just off the plaza on Broadway in Sonoma. There will be an opening party on Friday the First between 6 and 8 (I think that’s the right times). More later. I’ll keep posting… 😉

  3. Great painting! and great to hear from you!

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