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Gouache studies

Trying to plan a bit more, before I start a more finished piece, hopefully to save time. I seem to make so many major changes, partway through a painting… in value, color, composition. This isn’t the easiest medium to make changes, unless I want to draw on top with pastel or colored pencil. The strength of gouache is that mistakes in color, composition or value can’t hide.

I will add a feed tub to the pig’s environment. I’m not sold on the chickens. Is the chicken in the back too big? I think so.


Quick Cards

I know I’ve been away for a while. I have been busy, just not posting. Here are some quick paintings I did yesterday on cards. I used my B&W sketches adding the color with gouache. I will use these to bring resolve to bigger paintings. I like the looseness. Will need to figure out the backgrounds though.


Took my sketchbook and drew animals this morning. I took plenty of photos too. And I’m starting with Chris’ “donks”. They are quite the personalities, curious and strong. I think they enjoyed posing as much as I enjoyed drawing. This will be a fun painting. I want to include the fence and break the space up like a mosaic. That may be part of the Farm Animal theme.

Tomorrow, I’ll start something with the Fowler Creek pigs.