What happened?

I know, it’s been absolutely forever since I last posted. So much has happened, too much, to thoroughly catch you up. So I’ll just jump in here and now with what prompts me to reach out today.

I have finally begun posting my paintings on-line, for sale. You can reach them through this link. The host, Daily Paintworks, is a collective of artists. I’ve admired so many of “their” artists, it seems a natural fit. If you would like to purchase anything, payment is handled through Paypal.

I’ve taken this step after years of prompting from many of you suggesting such access. I was initially reluctant, not feeling my work was good enough and that managing a website would be complicated and time consuming when all I wanted to do was paint so I could get better and someone might actually want to buy the work. Daily Paintworks is pretty easy. Feel free to give me feedback!

I’ve been painting, and painting and painting. I took an amazing workshop in January with Doug Fryer which gave me more tools with which to play. Doug introduced wide palette knife application of pre-mixed paint, tapping the color onto the fabric-covered board with skill and abandon, leading to unexpected and exciting results. Though much of my recent work has become more “real”, I continue to strive toward abstraction. I have more confidence I will break down that hurdle.

Another update, I have dropped, almost entirely, off Facebook and begun posting my work on Instagram.

Finally, I’ll post some recent work!


Eucs Again




Winter Along 395


Low Spot

2018-02-27 18.01.09

Mountain Weather


Head in the clouds? unfinished


One response to “What happened?

  1. Gorgeous!! Nice to see you! ❤️

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