At least it hasn’t been a year…

I confess. Art has become an obsession, leaving little time for other things, like blogging. Or maybe I am too distractible and can’t do two things at once, or just can’t organize my time or possibly I’m simply lazy. Whatever the case, I have been away from the blog for 6 months. At least I’ve been painting. Here are a few that have succeeded:

And my obsession is getting worse! I committed to painting one painting from life, every day in January, 31 paintings. If I do, I will be entered in a drawing to win a new Strada Easel. Which would be nice! Great easel, take a look… Painting every day is what I want to do. So it’s a perfect excuse.

This practice is helping me get organized. I have moved clutter (seldom used supplies, finished paintings, frames) out of my studio. I’m switching from one painting medium (helps thin paint and make it easier to move with a brush) to another. And figuring out how to start and finish within hours instead of days (work small!). All good habits worthy of development.

The biggest effort begins next weekend when my husband and I are starting a week-long driving journey. We’re headed east, down the eastern side of the Sierras, toward Utah and Zion National Park along with other spectacular Red Rock Wonderlands. I mean to paint every day of the trip and have been gathering materials to pull it off. Those of you that are oil painters know there are a lot of messy materials that go along with the great colors! Plus, the paintings are vulnerable until they dry, which takes days. So this will be quite a challenge.

Here are the first 4 days effort:


Day 1: Selfie


Day 2: Delicata


Day 3: Rain on Arnold Drive


Day 4: My Father’s Brush



7 responses to “At least it hasn’t been a year…

  1. Margaret Spaulding

    Awesome, as always! So glad to see your work and how you continue to explore! Safe journey and brava for tackling the messiness of oils on the road. Eager to see results.

  2. Have missed you. Looks like you are making great progress. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great endeavor! Cold,stiff fingers may give a whole new look to those red rocks.Do you have the brush in a place of honor? Pete Athans is on Nova tonight. Secrets of the Sky Tombs.

    • The brush’s alter is being set up! And socks for my hands (with a brush pushed through) will be part of the supplies. Thanks Lise. Great to hear from you!

  4. Carol Caldwell-Ewart

    Wonderful, wonderful paintings! Good luck on your challenge. I expect the invention of an ingenious drying rack for automotive travel. Iwas in Zion and Bryce in September and October. They were glorious! Have a terrific time.

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