Spring Hill Cows

Spring Hill Cows

Thursday I set aside the whole day to paint. (Hoping to make that a regular thing…) I headed toward Open Field Farm, west of Petaluma. Seth and Sarah generously offered their gorgeous setting and myriad of big animals, to my visual self. The car was loaded Wednesday. I packed a lunch and headed out by 10.

Before I even got there, I pulled over and painted an irresistible view. There were cows (youngsters) grazing and playing in the field, off in the distance. They shyly came to see what I was doing, then got bored and left me to my work. It was a beautiful day and the road was quiet and lovely.

Then, just as I had almost completely finished the painting except for the foreground pasture, they came back. How could I resist? I used a big brush with black paint, and laid them in as fast as possibly, not really thinking about the rest of the painting. It felt like I’d been thrown the proverbial Hot Potato.

2015-04-09 14.05.28When I got home, I really loved the painting with the sloppy cows and managed to figure out how to make them more believable.

And then I went to Open Field Farm and painting one of their barns.

2015-04-09 16.16.08

And look what waits for me the next time I go! I feel so rich!


2015-04-09 16.33.22


13 responses to “Spring Hill Cows

  1. What a spot! I watched the video first and then opened to your whole post and was delighted to see the fantastic painting you did! You really captured those lucky cows. (well, at least for now!)

  2. Carol Caldwell-Ewart

    I love the cows too! and are those promising creatures in the photo for next time buffalo?

    • Thank you Carol!
      The little darlings for a next time are cattle. I know Open Field Farm raises a breed called Corriente, but I also saw long haired stock out there. Really not sure, but I know they are not buffalo.
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Your art lusciously captures the greening of spring so beautifully. Such a pleasure see your work and read your shared musings and discoveries while you paint away. Thank you for opening a window on your world

  4. Love your Spring Hill Cows. It’s always wonderful to see your work.

  5. Your work amazes me. How you capture the area so perfectly, and how you portray a sense of joy, whimsy and awe in the simplelest things in life. I wish you would give a call as I don’t know how to contact you. With love and respect, jill cantor lee . 970.209.8491

  6. Yes, Helen. You have been with Sandy’s class? They told me a class had come. I was wondering! You have your pick of barns there, don’t you?

  7. margaret spaulding



  8. Wonderful work! Isn’t Open Field the best!

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