Mixing it up


My fascination with capturing moments; how the light hits something, how the colors work in harmony, there, right there or how the edges between shapes define what’s there. Deciding what is important to me in that glimpse and how to capture it in paint is my quest.

Yesterday I found myself driving through the valley in the drippy early morning and in a extravagantly fragrant rose garden in the late afternoon. I decided to do some quick gouache studies of my impressions, with aspirations of much bigger paintings.

I’m particularly happy with the vineyard painting. I have for various personal reasons stayed away from the endless vineyards in my backyard. But this time of year, they are “budding out” and I drove by an unpruned budding section. The long canes with their brilliant green leaves bobbed up and down with the breeze and it had to be considered!

IMG_2127 IMG_2126 IMG_2124


3 responses to “Mixing it up

  1. These show how spring is busting out all over in Sonoma and give me encouragement that it’s on its way even here in CT. Especially love the vineyard one.

  2. I love the vineyard one also! Great expression and atmosphere! Thanks for sharing your creative journey!

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