art — thought — process

Or, do I know what I want the painting to look like, before I begin? Sometimes. In those cases, I plan and draw and mix with a plan, step-by-step proceeding toward what I saw in my imagination. I measure my success with the piece, by whether or not it was fun to do and matches my original thoughts. Those paintings are rarely my favorites. I treasure those that are much more spontaneous. They seem to surprise me as they appear. I do take credit for them, but they come from a place in me that I guess, I know less about. A place I have more confidence and am able to work without the chatter and judgment in my regular mind. I guess that is reason enough to want to do art, to reconnect with that space on a regular basis, maybe bring that thinking into the rest of my life?

There’s a worthy goal.

This painting is one of my favorites.single poppy


5 responses to “art — thought — process

  1. Most interesting, Candi. On the writing end of things, I most always have just a bare rudiment or two on what I want to write about, and even less on how it’s going to eventually come out once I get going. But at this point, that’s the most fun part about it—the adventure of discovering where it wanted to go, and what was rattling around inside me that hadn’t yet formed into image and thought and words. Sounds similar to your process, but different, too. Let’s talk more about this sometime!

  2. Thanks Helen and Maury. So appreciate the comments. 😉

    • Andrew, yes, let’s. I’ve heard that writers often are led around by their characters. Didn’t notice the connection until you pointed it out. Of course, abstract work is more often associated with fluid-thinking with a less intentional goal. But it’s not impossible to work that way even when painting what is right in front of you. Doesn’t always “work”, but it’s fun (unless it’s too lousy to show…) More chatter…
      I keep trying.

  3. That one is very cool!

  4. Really nice process, painting. Love the neutrals with that flower color. Nicely done.

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