Lilacs and Pepper(wood)

IMG_5470IMG_5518Grabbing every chance I have to paint right now, my work’s slow time of the year. Lilacs are a favorite flower of mine. When we moved here, two years ago, the large lilac bushes in front of the house were just finished, dry and brown. The lilac / calendar this year really put on a show and I worked on this painting from life, only one afternoon. I’ve stabbed at it several more times, using photo reference. It may be done?

IMG_5481IMG_5510IMG_5500IMG_5498IMG_5493IMG_5474Another highlight of my year is the plein-aire painters class that meets at Pepperwood Preserve. The class, led by Marsha Connell, had perfect weather (unlike other trips) and we saw areas of the 3,200 acre preserve, I’d never seen, such a treat. Only trouble, was not enough time to paint! (I’d probably say that if I spent the whole weekend.)

IMG_5519The landscape was just scratched yesterday, when I drove off the mountain. I played with it today. It’s designed as a sketch, as are the cows. I knew I didn’t have time to finish anything. But maybe I could develop these further…



7 responses to “Lilacs and Pepper(wood)

  1. The lilacs are beautiful and though the vase occupies a small portion of the painting, I really like how you handled it. That class looks like quite a treat, too! I enjoyed seeing the animal sketches – seems like that would be hard to do – though cows do stand still for extended times, I guess…don’t they? 🙂 At least while they eat.

    • Thank you Maggie. The cows were not too lively but did meander a bit. I drew them quickly with black paint, then took more time figuring out how to make them dimensional with the value and color. That way I could find an example of a cow hit by the light in the same way as my drawing and interpret. It worked pretty well, though the drawings are a bit weak, in my opinion. They did have plenty to eat out there! Thanks for the nice compliments. 😉

  2. The lilacs are outstanding. Love them. Helen

  3. I can smell your Lilacs. They are perfect. So evocative – that’s the word that springs to mind when I think of Lilacs – also one of my favorites. Your painting is so.

  4. Hi Candi, I love your lilacs! Well done. Helen

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