The grass is always greener…

…than I can paint it. IMG_5241

This time of year, the grass between the rows is overpowering and can temp me to over do the intensity. I used viridian, a green I usually stay away from. It was especially noticeable between the rows of lacinato kale which is so dark.

The hills are beginning to green too, and seeing that blush of grass on those lovely rounded shapes always teases my attention away as well. I painted this yesterday and today, knocked the hills back by half.

Pastels are useful when I have a little less time, to just put down visual thoughts.



2 responses to “The grass is always greener…

  1. I can count on you, Andrew, to pose a BIG question!
    I believe that some painters do capture the “live” quality in color. Color theory will point to how colors act in relation to each other. Paint the ground red, and the green will really pop because red and green are compliments. Then again, ever notice how exciting color in the landscape is on a foggy, grey day, giving colors a vibrancy that just isn’t there on a sunny, blue sky day? Thanks for the question. I’ll keep working at it!

  2. So do you think there’s some kind of live quality, some essential “is-ness” of that actual green grass (especially in the spring!) that remains unreproducible, that can’t be adequately mimicked no matter what kind of concoction the paint producers come up with? And which therefore compels artists either to overdo it, or abstract it, or whatever, because they know they’re doomed trying to replicate it?

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