Don’t wait, Paint!

IMG_5180 IMG_5181I’ve been painting this week. I did these pears today.

The landscape is a couple of days worth. But I find that if I don’t finish it all at once (why is that nearly impossible?) the next day, everything is different. Can’t seem to recapture.



5 responses to “Don’t wait, Paint!

  1. So glad you are finding time to paint. Love the landscape. And pears are fascinating, aren’t they? Simple shape but so much information. Miss you. Helen

  2. As a “sometimes” painter I really enjoy following your Art on a Farm website. I also live on a farm and it encourages me to paint more. Your work is great. Keep at it.

  3. I’m with you Andrew! Let’s see where we’re going today, and stay inspired as we go… Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Quite the pair of pears, Candi And the landscape, too, yum… I think I’ve come to terms with this “unrecapturability” of inspiration & experience even beyond the creative. So when I’ve run out of steam on any given day, any given project or passion, it morphs more into a curiosity about what the new day, the new slant, the new light will bring when I return. One never quite knows, other than to know it will be different, and that wherever that train was going last nite before it pulled into the station, it will alight in a slightly different direction come morning. To which I am compelled—cuz what other alternative is there?—to say, “All aboard!”

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