Right now I seem to be unable to work on my art, at home. Something about too much to do here, being easily distracted… So I have been attending a weekly class with a wonderful teacher, Sandra Speidel which has reinvigorated my plein aire work. The class comments and enthusiasm is contagious and encouraging. Today we worked at a small park overlooking Petaluma.IMG_4685_1_1 Fall is in full swing.

Mondays I have been going to an open figure drawing class at our local Community Center. During the last couple weeks, I brought illustration board and gouache, some colors mixed up already, to force myself to just deal with shapes and value. Lots of fun!

IMG_4683_9_1 IMG_4682_8_1 IMG_4681_7_1 IMG_4680_6_1 IMG_4679_5_1 IMG_4678_4_1 IMG_4677_3_1 IMG_4676_2_1 IMG_4684_10_1



2 responses to “Classes

  1. Thanks Helen. You did a great little painting too!

  2. Love how you are pursuing your art and that is a great little painting you did today. Keep it up! Helen

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