Painting Horses, again

Bullfight horse 2_1_1I haven’t painted a horse in years. This was fun and came together quickly, just 2 sessions. It’s larger (16″x20″) than my plein air landscapes, bolder. I think I internally know horses better than the land with it’s steady, stillness. But from the landscapes I have learned something about values and color. I will do more of these.

Bullfight horse_1_1_1Thanks for looking!


5 responses to “Painting Horses, again

  1. Thanks Andrew! Not sure what they chant or shout at bullfights. Maybe Ole`?

  2. This one makes me wanna yell (happily) “Caballero!!” Wonderful sense of action here, Candi. Was moving a little slow on this hot day, but I’m all juiced up now!

  3. Thanks Beth. I posted the first version on Sylvia Loch’s facebook page and she said, “As for Candi Edmondson’s work it has a magical quality. Well done you starting oils so young. My father was an oils painter, mainly portraits and I tried… but not much good, I’m afraid. Better at drawing (horses… of course). It’s a small world because the Editor of my book The Balanced Horse was a pupil of my father who was the Art master at Melville College School in Edinburgh. I love it when things connect up… in the most unexpected ways. So sad my lovely Dad died before Allegra was born and before I’d had a book published. He gave me so much…. and asked for so little. A true artist.” I’m still glowing!
    August 27 at 11:12am · Unlike · 7

    • Well, I guess you were a step ahead of me. Not surprised that she liked your work. What a treat to read her comments. !

  4. Love it Candi. Silvia Loch would be pleased with you!!

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