There are rarely clouds in the sky here. When they do show up, I have to hurry IMG_3938_1_1 IMG_3935_1_1to paint them as they are apt to be gone in an hour, as was the case…

I started this in a white hot hurry a few days ago. Happy to have a couple hours to finish it up today. (Had to settle for pictures to help me with the absent clouds.)


5 responses to “Clouds

  1. You got those clouds, alright…well done!

  2. So does this mean that photography—see it, snap it for posterity—is the most apropos art form for clouds? Or perhaps some discipline like “speed painting” already exists, framed as some kind of competitive sport for TV? Wouldn’t surprise me, though I suspect you wouldn’t be a candidate for it, Candi! Nice painting in any case!

    • Well Andrew, snapping photos of clouds is a good idea and strangely enough, the photo I pulled up to use as reference, was taken of that same spot last year! Speed painting most definitely IS a competitive sport, though not on TV. Check out any of these “plein aire festivals”, like the event in Sonoma in the fall. Those painters really paint fast and well. Then they sell it at the end of the week.

  3. Very nice Candi!

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