Just a week…

IMG_3679_1_1It’s just been a week since I had a brush in my hand. It felt like longer, finding myself anxious and distracted, sure signs of art withdrawal.

Last weekend I bought some new paint sticks, fancy Sennelier-brand in two shades of “California Hill”. What a treat they are to apply.

I like this painting a lot now. It really shows the way the hills dry out, from green to ochre and how the sun and contour affect the drying process. Still not sure the patches of dark look enough like trees and not just shapes. Maybe I should add just a little darker green at the base of the trees. What do you think?


2 responses to “Just a week…

  1. Dear Candi, a bit of light branches within the dark foliage might be nice.

    • Oh Stan, thank you for the suggestion. I would love to hear what you think after my “wrassling” with it today. I’ll send you a picture or post a little later. I think it’s better now…

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