Dishes Dreamin’

I am so lucky to have this beautiful view from my kitchen dish-sink window. This little farm, with it’s super-white west-facing walls changes from breakfast to dinner. IMG_2891_2_1

Today I took my easel out to capture the scene. I was especially intrigued by the monochromatic greys defining the buildings. I started the painting, then after taking this photograph of the scene, I decided to completely re-crop the picture. So I started over and mixed a lot of greys (with no black).IMG_2890_1_1 I’m looking forward to finishing this one.



3 responses to “Dishes Dreamin’

  1. Hello Candi,

    I met Paul today and he mentioned that you’ve painted our property before. My wife and I own the farm with all the white barns. I love your work–great use of color and massing. I’d love to see this piece finished! Do you have any more work of our buildings? Very cool.


    • Hi Peter,
      Wow! Thank you and glad to meet you. Your barns are very visually appealing and I’ll be happy to show you the finished piece. I don’t think I have more, but I’m sure I will!

      • Hi Candi,

        I’d love to see the finished piece, and invite you to paint on the property any time you wish. We have several artists who work in the converted studios overlooking the south fields. What times would work for you to meet?

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