Farm Mosaic

IMG_2849_1_1I have been messing with this painting for years now. It keeps changing my mind. I truly feel it takes control and I’m just directed. And unfortunately, the painting and I are at odds! I can think of many reasons for this…it’s much bigger than I am comfortable working, (36″x48″) it’s all from my imagination yet with (too) many references, I’m internally wrestling with abstraction vs. realistic, there are more… I am learning plenty and will set it aside and see where it wants to take me next.

I need to begin working on some smaller pieces to get ready for a show at the Epicurian Connection near the Sonoma Plaza in May. More about that soon.

Still trying to get a “For Sale” page up but somehow the wordpress blog help line is unresponsive. I may end up directing folks to another site to buy paintings.


5 responses to “Farm Mosaic

  1. Very nice painting. It brings the farm to life in a different style (though I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination). As for getting a for sale page, you could use something like ETSY and simply direct people there. You could have a post for each picture and then direct people to the Etsy page (I am not even certain that Etsy does paintings). The other option would be a slef hosted wordpress blog. You can do it relatively easily and can port all of your posts over very quickly. The only issue is how to transfer your followers and get your SEO back in place. Good Luck. You may check out for some tips.

    • Well thank you Dr.
      You seem to know much more about blog/internet than I. I don’t know what ‘slef hosted wordpress’ or “SEO back in place”… I’ll check out your tips page.
      Where is Heritage Breed Farms? Have you seen our farm blog:

      • We are located in Ohio. Self hosted wordpress means that you buy a domain name (like Then you pay to have the site hosted by something like hostgator or bluehost….You can then control your blog a bit better and also you can place ads and do things like being an affiliate sales person. These all help you to make money in the long run…You could also have a sales page there, though I am not certain how that works specifically. Check out They are a good resource. I will check out your farm blog.

  2. Your paintings are your version of a novelist’s characters, Candi. Minds of their own and hard to pin down. Better just enjoy the wrasslin’!

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