Moving In

This will be a rather personal post. Things are happening now. We plan to move into the main house over the weekend. We’re very excited. My world is radically changing.

The wildly blooming geraniums are just outside the sliding door we will use to get into the house, for now. The large fuchsia next to the sliding door, has traveled with us for years. A gift from dear Martita who always calls on our birthdays.

Stinging nettles are growing under the apple tree.

The garden’s soil is pretty depleted. Paul calls it “like dust”. He is mixing lots of compost on top of the soil to begin the garden. He has planted some climbing roses along the fence, a lovely rose I brought with me from Santa Rosa. And some tithonia, one of my favorites.

The kitchen is a good size. We’ll eat in here too.

There is a dishwasher in here. I am using it to passively dry the dishes rather than wash them. A roll-away dish rack! Great!

The mobile studio so far. We will be putting in a utility floor. What a treat to have this much room.

It’s very windy here. Kicks up most afternoons. This view of the clothesline is out the studio window.

The west facing window in the studio with lots to see.

View from studio.

Got a little time to start a painting today.


4 responses to “Moving In

  1. Yay, at last, your new home. Where is the art work???!!! Let me know when you are ready for some blank canvasses. Can you use a couple more roses? Any other stuff you need, e.g. hemp rug, some pillows? I got too much stuff and may have a thing or two you could find space for.
    Anyway, good luck with the move and enjoy the new place. Way cool.

    • Thanks Margaret, We’re getting close to ready for more. So far, just trying to arrange what we already have and finish the floor so I can start painting! And there’s definitly room for more roses and canvases!

  2. Hi Candi. What a perfect blank canvas this house and garden will be for you and Paul…Though I’m sure it feels very empty now, it seems like just the place to create, cook, paint, potter, live, and love in..and the fence around the garden will be a blessing on the windy days. Can’t want to see how you transform it into a haven for bees and butterflies.

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