Itching to Paint

My creativity is intact but hasn’t had time or space to manifest much. I know  that this time is not wasted. I am stewing on this swirl of visual stimuli and when the time comes, look out! This slideshow gives you an idea of what’s outside my new door.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

AND it appears that we will have a place in our new house to really create. The carpet will come up. We’ll probably just paint the exposed plywood floor with heavy-duty paint, nothing precious. The furniture can stay or go. But my studio will be in this room. And all other artistic endeavor will be here, and the accompanying creative accoutrements. And lastly, it’s a party space! Over-flow dining. 😉 I can hardly believe the opportunity and don’t want to jinx things so I’m trying to pretend it’s just another room. It feels like my life has taken a dramatic and fantastic turn. Wow, am I ever grateful.

A wood stove goes into the brick corner.


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