Moving Cats

I’m a cat person. Always have been. I’ve never deliberately gotten a cat, like gone to a shelter or taken home a kitten from a family with a box of meowing fur, outside of the Grocery Store. Cats have found me. Usually within weeks of moving into a place a cat will find my doorstep and stick around. Or someone will give me an old cat that they can’t have anymore. I can’t remember a time that I have been on my own, when I did not have at least one cat. I have buried many cats.

Now I have three. Deiter has been sketched many times. He’s failing now, has kitty AIDs, starting to sleep a lot more and his coat is getting scroungy. Kitty Bitty (she started skinny, but has turned into an overweight pretty thing) is always hunting, has a beautiful soft voice, exquisite tabby fur and such an easy manner. She gets along with all cats. She showed up, pregnant almost the first week I moved here, 10 years ago.

The newest cat, I’m reluctant to name. He showed up a couple months ago and because we are moving at the end of this month, I want to find him a home. He’s an all-black, neutered strong short haired male. He is slightly skittish, but he loves attention, follows me to the mail box. His purr is the loudest thing I heard this afternoon while I pulled weeds and he flirted with me, rolling over, inviting me to touch his springy young coat by getting in my way. If anyone in the area, wants this adorable lover cat, I want him to go to a great home. He’s something special. Wish I could keep him. He comes with a free portrait!


2 responses to “Moving Cats

  1. so first, congratulations and best wishes, from my heart. big event to make that public commitment.

    and your kitties; you make a poignant and persuasive case for giving your black boy a good home; wish I could help but Fabio is unlikely to accept a younger guy into the house, and with three dogs . . . alas. Good luck!

    • Thank you Margaret. My black kitty will find a good home, someone to love on. He’s a doll cat. Looking forward to seeing you soon. The roses must be budding. šŸ˜‰

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