I got married!

I’ve been busy! Paul and I decided to make it official, take that formal step. We’d put it off, for many years.

Settled on a date…several weeks ago. Scheduled the officiant, the witness. Things began to morph, and twist, and spin; Add people, add food, change place, change place again, add more people, write vows, buy food, make soup, more soup, and then came the rain, and so change the day, two days before. Take Paul to hospital to get the flake of metal out of his eye, also two days before. Exciting, really.

We made the most of it, a small party of highly flexible people, simple food, at the farm’s shop, aka “man cave”. Paul cleaned the place up beautifully. Hung many of my paintings among the gutsy tools. We brought pictures of those that were important to us. Brief ceremony… I left my vows at home so had to wing it. Some visited the artichoke field. Or ate at tables inside the warm greenhouse, among all that new growth. All cleaned up before dark, thanks to everyone that helped make our day stunning.

Maybe now we can get back to painting…and farming. That is, until we move at the end of the month.


5 responses to “I got married!

  1. Even though I wasn’t there I cried happy tears at hearing you married! You are soul mates! May you have much happiness and many blessings the rest of your lives!

  2. Paula Burkhart

    Dear Candie and Paul – What beautiful pictures, especially the last picture of you and Paul embracing. So full of love and happiness! Tim and I wish you many congratulations and a wonderful married life together.
    Paula and Tim Burkhart (solo espanol!)

    • Thank you Paula. We are very happy. It was good to see you two at the market Friday and so sorry to hear about your bad dog encounter. Very disturbing.

  3. What a lovely wedding story! I love the last photo of you and Paul — spontaneous and full of joy!

  4. You look just beautiful and so happy. Congratulations…….

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