I’ve been waiting and watching for this painting for many years now. Always fallen short. This direction is encouraging.

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4 responses to “Landscape

  1. And to see this today on the vernal equinox! They are beautiful landscape paintings of the seasons!

  2. Oh thank you Margaret. What a nice compliment. I sure am looking forward to living on the farm later this spring.

  3. Yay, Candi, these are wonderful; you’ve caught the light and shadow, the depth of (field?!) so richly. It’s hard to capture the stillness of a field w/o letting it be boring. In a way it’s in repose, lying there, but there is so much life in it, miosis and mytosis (sp?) — from bacteria to insects and subterranean critters . . . and plant life, all vigorous w/in that stillness.

    Great job!

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