More cats

I keep doing these cats. Can’t seem to get exactly what I want and am enjoying seeing what is turning up instead.

I’m loading the brush with black paint and just starting on white paper. No drawing. No references. Just go. Some are much more like the reference photo than others. Some are much more like the cat. I love the challenge. It helps me be more accurate with shapes.

I’m also discovering better ways with the gouache. I don’t like it used like watercolor … thinner paint application to show a lighter value. I like mixing a lighter paint and slopping it on, like I did on the very last image.

I like the way the paint was applied on this one best.


2 responses to “More cats

  1. I have seen some excellent books about Edward Hopper, from museum shows and do remember many fantastic architecture related paintings and studies. I have not painted buildings as a subject but many attract me, especially in cities. Might be easier in some ways. They certainly wouldn’t get up and sit on my feet!
    Thanks Lise.

  2. These seem just right to me! Essence of cat!

    Did you know Edward Hopper painted/drew over 90 images in Gloucester? My friend has just compiled a list of thumbnails. So interesting to see the changes in homes over time.Have you ever tried painting the sunlight on an interesting building? He used composites and his imagination as well as going for accuracy. A different approach from the living, moving breathing subject, but the light and shadow change nonetheless.

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