Two Squash, Two Styles

Which do you like better? I’m sure enjoying this medium. I need some new colors. I don’t have a good red yet. The study on top was done with just 2 colors. A great exercise for me. And excellent way to use this medium that is so valuable in stressing flatness. Achieving dimension with value is my goal. I’m learning.

I was blown away watching Stuart Shils doing a monoprint. It’s worth watching if you have some time. I’d love to have the gouache be as sticky as that ink appears and able to be pushed around like that.


3 responses to “Two Squash, Two Styles

  1. Me too. I like the second one for the energy it puts out. Gentler, easier to absorb. Beautiful shapes and colors. Great job. Helen

  2. Well, since you’re asking for an opinion — I’m really liking the second one. For me, it captures the gnarled, organic squash-ness (?) of the delicata. The first one is cool, too — more edgy designer/illustrator — a different perspective —

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