What am I learning?

This picture shows the hill on a rather brighter day than today, but about the same drynessWe have a wonderful view out the dishwashing kitchen window. During the day I have spent too much time staring in awe at the way the light effects the scrubby trees, open meadows, rock-slide areas, the endless variations of color and texture as it describes the solid massive shape in front of me. I have been trying to capture it for many years. And not ever been truly satisfied.

I have tried again today in an attempt to further my exploration with gouache. I admit to being rather disappointed last week tackling peppers one day, delicata squash another and not even bothering to post. I’ve looked at video on-line to learn how to better use the medium and not been particularly inspired by what I saw, as I want to work more spontaneously. The tutorials I watched showed the capability of the medium in very tight pieces, not at all what I want to explore.

Though this painting is fairly representative, it certainly lacks the drama the hillside can sometimes show when the light and clouds are at play. It was a flat light day, a day anticipating rain, anticipating change. I’m not unhappy with these results. I’ll post some prior attempts.

Gotta start somewhere, right? Don't know when this was done, maybe 2005.

2008. Winter with emphasis on the vineyard in mustard.2007, the first time I actually worked plein aire. The color changed too quickly but I still like this one.2009. Too bad about the bright red. A little embarrassing.


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