Pepperwood day

The largest of the 5 I worked on, probably the furthest along.

Oh what a great day. I signed-up for a plein air class at Pepperwood Preserve taught by Marsha Connell. It was today, such fun. I choose to work in gouache so that I could make the most of my time there.

Lunch Break

Marsha's demo in progress

It’s so spectacular a landscape it is very difficult to leave, especially since the day morning was quite socked in with fog. It only became clear as we began packing up to leave. In some ways dealing with the fog was great. The effect of atmospheric perspective was exaggerated so.

We couldn't see this mountain when we started

Looking south toward eastern Santa Rosa

I don’t think I am finished with these. I’ve been told to try an oil-based varnish. It will protect the painting and I would be able to work on top. I may even work on top of these again.

Need lighter values in the distance

Not so good

I see some areas I like in this one

Thank you Marsha and Pepperwood for a thorough day off!



One response to “Pepperwood day

  1. I forgot to say that the first (and only) time I was at Pepperwood to paint, it rained. Check out that day by clicking on the Pepperwood Preserve “tag” on the right of this post and scroll down until you find it below today’s words. Pepperwood is beautiful, even in the rain.

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