I’ve been too busy with the farm to paint. Not painting has been not good for my spirit. But today, I had a chance to work on these two.

I need to finish the longhorns before I tackle the grassy foreground which will partially obliterate them. I want the paint on the cattle dry before I get a little sloppy painting the golden grasses. I may need to wait a couple of days, before I finish it.

The rooster has some nice qualities but I’m not sure the drawing works for me. When I originally drew him, he moved before I finished. I had to make up his bottom half. I may need to go back and try again. I do like the abstracted hens in the “coop” in the background.


4 responses to “Time

  1. oooo, love the long horns…the rooster looks like it need to have a bit more width, chesty and the feet or legs a bit longer, he’s a nice rooster, fluff him out a bit and keep it up, more! more!

    • Thanks Wendy. Yes, the rooster went from standing and crowing to sitting down on his perch where his legs completely disappeared. There was no clarity in my drawing. So this painting suffers. He may just be an exercise, to be covered over by something better.

  2. Looks very nice Candi…

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