Chicken from scrap

I want to get started with this Farm Animals project. It will involve sketching animals in their environs. And then working up paintings from the sketches. But it was raining this morning and I had made no arrangements with farms so I pulled some old photos together and just started painting.

I want to draw a variety of farm animals; pigs, cows, goats, sheep, chickens and of course, a horse or two. Chickens are going to be lots of fun! (I’m also open to suggestions and locations.)


5 responses to “Chicken from scrap

  1. secret admirer

    how ’bout ground squirrels??? 🙂

  2. Thanks Terri and Chris. Donkeys certainly are farm animals, aren’t they?

  3. Hello —
    If you’re ever inspired to paint donkeys, we’ve got ’em — six mini donks over on Carriger Road in Sonoma. They’re small — but with big, sweet personalities.
    I love your horse paintings, and look forward to seeing your farm animal project!

  4. Candi – your work is beautiful!!!!

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