Bye Boris

Boris is his name. A magnificent horse that I’ve known for years and have the utmost respect for, as he has a presence that is absolute. He is strong, obedient and beautiful to watch. And he is very big… over 17 hands, half thoroughbred, half Belgian draft with enormous (bare) feet. (Someone correct me if I’m off.) His owner, Jeannie, has trained him to do tricks, stand without a halter, close gates, stand on a stump with his front feet! And she rides him without saddle or bridle, even out on trails.

The painting has a mate (below) that I sold years ago. Now, I think this one is finished. It was hard to tackle so long after I had begun, but I focused on that day, walking in the dry field early in the morning. I was fascinated by his coat which reflected the sky and the bright yellow grass… cool on top, warm underneath. They are large (for me) 24″ x 30″ oil on board.


4 responses to “Bye Boris

  1. What a pair! She must be a magnificent rider. Want to know more.

    • Yes, Lise, Jeannie is a fabulous rider, really tall and thin, fits Boris to a tee. It’s her patience that is most outstanding, allowing for the tricks. He does Downward Facing Dog!, a picture of the posture was on the bulletin board at the local yoga studio. Another post to look at, Two Butts

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