When is Finished?

Today I went back to work on two paintings, fussing with this and that, trying to make them more pleasing, more interesting, read a certain way…? I sometimes don’t even know what I am trying to do! I just want to paint, so I pick up the brush with intention and change things.

But changing things after you can’t see what inspired you… I feel I risk losing the whole thing. Or am I now actually really working with the painting rather than trying to make something look like my reference?

With this painting, I had no model or photo so I had a hell of a time trying to make his shoulders sink back as he was on the model stand. I even asked Paul to sit for me but he is so restless I couldn’t get him to stay still. I think it’s just time to move on with this one.

I painted these roses years ago but was never happy with the background so I’ve been fussing because I like how the roses were painted. It is certainly much better and I think I’ve done enough.

Sometimes, the best thing is to go for a walk. Which is what I did. Everything is so beautiful right now, why work on something old? The enormous California Live Oaks (I think that is what they are) are just beginning to leaf out. The tips of the branches have this bright split pea soup color, but just underneath I see red. I stopped and looked at a branch close up. The leaves are unfurling on the reddish branches. I want to paint that next time. And I know just which tree I want to portray.

This is a picture of my awesome new painting studio space. Paul made a shelf on which I can rest my canvas or I can paint with it flat on the wall. The trolly holds my palette, brushes and solvent which I can move easily. Much better than painting in our kitchen!


2 responses to “When is Finished?

  1. I love the roses and the final painting.
    Your space is just right for creating – you are an inspiration.
    You are doin’ it Candy!

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