Last week I took a two day painting workshop, an extravagant treat. I even forfeited my Friday morning selling produce (in the rain). The teacher was Keith Wicks, an excellent plein air painter and teacher from Sonoma. He is the original organizer of Sonoma Plein Air, a wonderful event I look forward to every year. He also is an alumnus of Art Center. He was there in the late 80s. I was there in the late 70s. The class was titled The Figure’s Mood in Plein Air.

I learned a lot. I have rarely painted the figure in oils (my medium of choice) so it was great to see and follow someone who is so obviously practiced and mastered the subject. I only wish there was more time to paint. This is the beginning of my portrait of the model. Can’t wait to get back to it, but I have been organizing.

Organizing? Well, yes, I have been moving my art supplies and finished paintings, books, lost paintings, lots of trash. I have been lucky enough to have a very large space to use as a studio. Turns out, I rarely painted there…just didn’t feel comfortable enough there. But I did store things, lots of things. And now the space needs a facelift and I need to move everything. I see it as a blessing, to edit and revisit all these things I have been keeping. Thank you, Wendy Westerbeke. I so appreciate that I was able to use the space and I’m glad to move it.


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