I must say it’s better in person.

What do you think?


7 responses to “Done?

  1. hi – and it was great to meet both of you last night too – I’m no art critic and believe that whatever an artist resonates with from his/her heart when they are “finished” with a work represents the perfection of their personal expression –
    but I do have a question about how/where the sign is going to be used and then might have some ideas about it depending on your answer…that’s the pr/marketing part of me coming out…

  2. It was fun to see the process and the timeless result. What are the dimensions?

  3. I like it. I like the fields.It’s really beautiful.

  4. Hi Gary,
    I did think of doing that but turned it down as I believe it would take away from the landscape rather than enhance it. The light would drive the shadows toward us. My sense is that having the letters float, on another plane, is better overall. And I love your and everyone’s involvement and suggestions. Great support!

  5. food 4 thought (pun intended)…..what do you think of carrying the letter shading on to the road so the whole name pops out and stays a consistant strength………….gary

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