Gettin’ there

I will need to change “sonoma, calif.” to a dark green and draw a black line around the orange/red letters. I will also add lines of lettuce in the foreground field, which appears almost black, but is actually a rich, dark brown.

I love my job.


3 responses to “Gettin’ there

  1. Thanks so much for all the ideas Lise. Yes, color is hard to read off even the best monitor. You will just have to come and see it in person! I think the “sonoma, calif.” likens back to the old fruit crate art… and I am actually hoping to sell this sign and paint another, sell, paint, sell paint… on until infinity, so there will be chance to try other identities. I think I’ll put the blogsite next.

  2. Like it but can’t trust color on my monitor. Did you put any green on the right (lettuce?). If not, maybe add back a few lighter shades here and there to give it that depth. I wonder why you include California. Doesn’t Sonoma speak for itself? Consider using such precious space with an alternate town (farmer’s mkt, headquarters?), ,last names (yours and Pauls?), or larger CSA name, or possibly email address. Possibly put a tiny orange tractor on horizon to relate to orange and humanize it unless you think it evokes too industrial a feel. Maybe to the left of the clump of three trees on left of road. It might make it too busy, but it might draw it all together.

  3. The sign makes me want to buy some Paul’s Produce!

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