Next, the lettering

I think the painting is mostly done. On to the lettering. What color? What value? Help!


4 responses to “Next, the lettering

  1. Lettering…….something with a bit of a pop to put it in front of the painting as this is more of an advertisement/notice/here is where we are piece……shadow shading highlight lines on the letters can help bring it out so you don’t have be electric dayglo, eh.

  2. That’s what I thought – the color of Paul’s red tractor. (complimentary color) I can’t wait to see the sign!

  3. Great ideas Lise. I was thinking orange (Kabota-orange since that’s the tractor we use the most) for the lettering. There is a line of type under the word produce… sonoma, calif., which will probably be dark green. And yes, more needs to be done on the right foreground, lettuces coming up!

  4. I love the added depth on the green crops. Maybe add to some areas of the soil on the right darker paint to give darker, rich loamy hints. As for the lettering, it is fine as is. If you want more punch, what about a dark red–tractor/tomato red. Beautiful.

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