Walk with me?

Our first weekend free in many months. If you have time, come with me on my walk to “The Grandmother tree”, a very distorted redwood tree on the east side of Sonoma Mountain above “Fern Lake”.

Redwoods are amazing trees. Look how gravity is expressed vertically in a slow twist of bark.





The Sonoma Developmental Center is full of history, vintage buildings with surprising details, and rugged land.

Sometimes the land offers perfect metaphors. Which way would you go?

I love the long-view, looking at things from above, maps. With that in mind, I have some more artwork to share soon.

Looking at the very large orchard in its final stage is quite fascinating. This 10-15 acres I understand was planted in the 20s or 30s. A farmer would say the “crop is finishing”. So often humans hurry-up the process, clearing the debris and turn the soil. It’s nice to see what nature does without such help.

Surrounding the orchard the redwoods close in. I remember walking among redwoods on my great-grandparents’ property when I was young. The sound of the wind is particular and haunting.

The Grandmother Tree is difficult to photograph.

If you have a chance to see it, I recommend the journey.

I was home in 2 and a-half-hours and saw only 2 people the whole way. Beautiful day and I will certainly need a bath to soak in tonight.


One response to “Walk with me?

  1. Hi, Ann is visiting, we’d love to do this if you know a weekend that would work well for you.

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