Little Sister

My little sister sent me these images of paintings of mine that she has been collecting over the years.

I don’t even remember this first one, apricots? Watercolor? That has to be the earliest of these works.

The Garden from Above painting is certainly reminiscent of my meticulous past, painting each crop a little too carefully to create the quilt-like pattern. I painted this maybe 8 years ago (?). What is most interesting to me is that now that we are farming on our own, this is the exact land we continue to farm. As I work on a logo for “Paul’s Produce” this image will influence me.

Gold Vineyard was painted in Old Hill Vineyard, obviously fall, leaves turning gold and red. I have certainly improved in my ability to create distance with color. But it does describe this place well and the undulation of the ground.

Three Onions was the last time I pushed the realism boundary. Somehow, my favorite part was the background! And the stems.

The two Lilac paintings I really love. I used a wax medium, mixed with paint, applied with a palette knife to create a super-flat, smooth background which is a nice contrast to the way the subject is treated.

Thanks Nanc! It’s nice looking back and I’m getting inspired!


4 responses to “Little Sister

  1. Candi–new to the blogs, but am planning on checking them out regularly! The kids really enjoyed looking at your paintings. Jeremy said “you gotta bookmark this website mom”! Hope you are doing well

    • Thanks Michelle, Better yet, subscribe. When I post something new, you’ll get a version via e-mail. I plan to post something today, about out new blog about Paul’s Produce!

  2. Hey Cand, We love these paintings and can’t wait to see more!

  3. Candy – you have such a natural talent. Those are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your lovely art work.

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