Two Butts

I believe this to be one of those magic paintings that begins easily, then drops into much more learning than I thought I wanted. The horse on the right, painted himself. I had a good photo of him, which inspired the painting. I decided to add a second “butt” as a way to fill the space. I tried to draw him in but he wouldn’t stand there for me. I took pictures, but the light wasn’t right. Does it work? Sort of.

But I loved this painting, one of the few for which I have attachment. I especially like the scribble on the left horse’s hip, oil pastel sticks. The horse, by the way, is named Boris and is owned by my amazing friend Jeannie who trains him to do tricks! Actually, Boris inspired the painting.

Thank you Margaret for sharing the picture. I finished this in the fall of 2008. It’s one of a series of 3 which are all of Boris, all the same 24”x36”. But this one definitely stands alone, as the others are very different.


2 responses to “Two Butts

  1. You captured the light and the massiveness of the horses. What a gorgeous painting!

  2. beautiful, Candi! love it. Yes, you nailed those lovely butts.

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